This latest release from APS factory adds to their collection primarily focused on Audemars Piguet replica watches, notably featuring popular models like the Royal Oak 15400. Considered the flagship model of APS due to its utilization of the best clone 3120 movement, the quality of AP replicas from APS is generally commendable. However, APS has yet to attain the status of larger 1:1 clone replica watch factories like ZF or J12, mainly due to the slightly lower quality finish on the case and bracelet compared to their counterparts.

The latest offerings from APS include two models of the AP Royal Oak 15407, one in stainless steel and the other in rose gold, both featuring a skeleton dial and employing the 3132 movement.

The stainless steel replica AP boasts a 316L stainless steel construction with a 41mm diameter case measuring 10mm in thickness. The front of the case exhibits fine vertical brushing, while the octagonal bezel closely replicates the original, featuring polished edges that contrast with the brushed case. However, the engraving of “AP” on the crown lacks the refinement seen in ZF AP replicas, indicating room for improvement by APS.

The skeleton dial showcases intricate machine parts, appealing to enthusiasts who appreciate this bold design. While some may prefer the standard models like the 15400 and 15500, the skeleton dial option caters to those seeking a more avant-garde aesthetic.

Lastly, regarding 3K factory, known for producing replicas of Patek Philippe Nautilus and Aquanaut, their production has slowed down, likely due to their recent focus on producing Daytona replicas under the name BT. Despite the higher price point, the good news is that these Daytona replicas feature a super clone 4130 movement, promising exceptional quality.

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