The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 replica has long been a favorite among watch enthusiasts, cherished for its timeless design and remarkable resemblance to the genuine model. Often considered an entry-level choice for those venturing into the world of replica watches, the 15400 holds a special place in many collections. Previously, three prominent factories—JF, ZF, and OMF—dominated the market with their top-quality replicas of the Royal Oak 15400. However, recent events such as the closure of JF and delays in ZF’s production have created an opportunity for newer players to emerge.

Enter APS, a relatively unknown factory in the industry but renowned for its exceptional Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar replicas. Their latest offering, the 15400 replica, has garnered significant attention from enthusiasts, thanks to its innovative clone 3120 movement.

The 15400 replica from APS boasts a case profile that closely mirrors the genuine model, measuring 41mm in diameter and 9.8mm in thickness—identical to its authentic counterpart. APS boldly claims that their replica is the only version on the market with components interchangeable with genuine watches, demonstrating their commitment to precision and authenticity. The craftsmanship extends to the case and bracelet finish, with impeccable chamfering reminiscent of previous AP replicas crafted by JF.

Notable improvements in the APS 15400 replica include a flawless blue dial and the introduction of the super clone 3120 movement. The dial exhibits uniform coloration and enhanced three-dimensional depth, capturing the essence of the original design. The highlight, however, is the groundbreaking clone 3120 movement, a first in the market developed independently by APS. Its meticulous decoration on the rotor and base plate closely resembles the genuine AP 3120 movement, setting a new standard for replica watch movements.

Interestingly, the APS 15400 replica is not yet available through traditional dealer sites, but enthusiasts can acquire it directly from the factory—a testament to APS’s ambition to establish itself as a premier watch manufacturer in the industry.

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