Best Fake Panerai PAM 661 Luminor Carbotech Watch with Super Clone P.9010

Perhaps this marks the final release of a Panerai timepiece from the VS factory before 2020. Throughout 2019, VS factory unveiled several new Panerai models, predominantly Submersibles. However, as the year draws to a close, I wish to present the Luminor Marina Panerai, designated as PAM 661. Like many other Submersibles crafted by VS in 2019, the PAM 661 utilizes the innovative Carbotech material and is powered by the renowned Super Clone P.9010 movement.

Distinct from the other replica watches, the PAM 661 may not appeal to those seeking a more conventional appearance due to its unique texturing on the case. Nevertheless, for enthusiasts eager to explore the evolution of modern Panerai designs, the PAM 661 proves essential.

Initially, VS factory opted for solid forged carbon material for the 44mm diameter and 18.5mm thick case. Notably, the genuine counterpart measures only 14.5mm in thickness. Consequently, the replica boasts a thickness exceeding the authentic piece by 4mm, resulting in a more noticeable presence on the wrist. To address this discrepancy, focus must shift towards slimming down the movement. The future of VS factory’s clone P series movements holds promise in this regard, as discrepancies in movement thickness remain a concern among customers who find their Panerai replica watches bulkier and weightier than authentic pieces.

Moreover, modern Panerai timepieces, such as the PAM 661 and many Submersibles released in the current year, embrace a departure from monochromatic dials. Notably, the PAM 661 features a striking blue small seconds hand against a black backdrop, a departure from conventional uniformity. However, personal preferences may vary, as some enthusiasts, like myself, may prefer consistency in coloration with the central hands. The dial’s hour markers, predominantly dot-shaped with Arabic numerals at 6, 9, and 12, illuminate brightly thanks to the application of Superluminova C3. Yet, the durability of this lume material may not match that of the original Panerai.

Accompanying the PAM 661 is a brown leather strap accentuated by white hand stitching, offering a luxurious and comfortable wearing experience. For those inclined towards alternative color schemes, additional straps can be procured from VS factory, with a complementary screwdriver provided for convenient band replacement.

As the Chinese New Year holiday approaches, it’s prudent to place orders promptly, ensuring timely delivery before the factories close for the festivities.

1:1 Super Replica Panerai watches PAM 1294 and PAM 1386 from VS factory

Introducing two 1:1 super Panerai replica watches newly created by the VS factory: PAM 1294 and PAM 1386. The two replica watches have the iconic Radiomir case shape, which is completely different from the influx of Submersible watches in recent years. If you’ve been craving something different from Panerai, maybe these new releases will catch your attention. Unlike their larger counterparts, the PAM 1294 and PAM 1386 have a more modest 40mm diameter case and a sleeker profile.

The PAM 1294 features a stylish black dial and matching leather strap, while the PAM 1386 displays an attractive green dial and rich brown leather strap, both with sturdy case backs.

Under the exquisite appearance, the two super replica watches are equipped with the super clone P.900 movement carefully developed by the VS factory. While the movement remains hidden behind a solid case back, rest assured of its reliability and stability, backed by extensive testing. While it may not be able to fully replicate the intricate beauty of the genuine movement, the VS ensures smooth, accurate performance.

Noteworthy features include the VS carefully crafted laminated dial with a radial sandblasted surface that closely resembles the quality of a genuine Panerai timepiece. The sunken subdials boast impeccable hand movement, enhancing the overall appeal. Particularly eye-catching is the vibrant green dial of the PAM 1386, which is a visual delight for the wearer.Both watches feature a calfskin strap with the Panerai brand name and logo on the back. These watches feature a screw-down crown and case back to ensure water resistance and increase durability.

Perfect gray Daytona?

From the start of 2022, the focal point in the competition among various watch factories has consistently been the Daytona model. It’s worth noting that Noob factory has been closed for a considerable duration, and there are no indications of its reopening. This clarification is necessary as numerous inquiries about where to purchase Noob’s watches persist. Some dealers are offering Replica Rolex Submariner or Daytona watches online under the Noob name, but it is essential to emphasize that these are not genuine Noob products.

It’s crucial to highlight the emergence of a new factory named New Noob or New N factory; however, it’s important to clarify that this is not the same Noob factory that was known previously. The distinction is necessary to avoid confusion among watch enthusiasts seeking authentic Noob watches in the market.

Concerning super clone Daytona watches, Better Factory (BT Factory) currently offers a comprehensive collection. However, it may not be the most prudent choice to purchase a Daytona from BT, given that Clean factory is actively expanding its Daytona lineup. Recognizing the robust competition from BT, Clean is not only introducing more Daytona models but is also dedicated to enhancing the overall quality of their offerings.

In the last month, BT Factory introduced a gray Daytona model. Shortly thereafter, Clean factory swiftly announced the availability of their own gray Daytona. As of now, BT and Clean stand out as the two primary watch factories producing super clone Daytona models, intensifying the competition in this particular market segment.

What are your thoughts on the most recent gray Daytona? If you’re considering a purchase, I highly recommend the one crafted by Clean factory. Similarly, if you inquire about the superior option for a Panda Daytona, I would confidently suggest Clean. To assist you in making an informed decision, I’ve included detailed comparison photos below. These images, meticulously produced by Clean factory, involve the disassembly and analysis of a genuine watch to scrutinize every component. This rigorous process ensures that the resulting replica is a precise 1:1 super clone. After reviewing these comparison pictures, I arrived at my conclusive recommendation.

JJ Factory Replica Hublot Classic Fusion 511.NX.7070.LR Titanium Watch with Clone HUB1112 Movement

Hublot can be considered the most triumphant sports watch brand in recent times, having captured a substantial market share with its distinctive watch designs and effective marketing strategies. As a result, Hublot ranks among the most frequently replicat watch brands, following closely behind Rolex and Panerai. Genuine Hublot watches command premium prices due to their use of fusion materials, prompting many watch enthusiasts to opt for replicas. In the market, numerous high-quality Hublot replica watches are crafted by prominent factories such as JJ and V6. Leveraging top-notch materials and advanced watchmaking technology, these replica hublot watches have reached a level where distinguishing them from genuine Hublot models is a challenging task. In the following sections, I will delve into the details of one such replica—the Hublot Classic Fusion with a Titanium case. Let’s begin with the specifications.

Movement: Clone HUB1112 Movement, Based on Swiss ETA 2892, 41-Hour Power Reserve
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Date
Case: 42mm*9.85mm, Titanium
Crystal: Sapphire with AR Coating
Dial: Grey
Bracelet: Black Calf Leather with Rubber Lining, Alligator Pattern
Water Resistant: 50m

Crafted from solid Titanium, the case of this watch imparts a lightweight feel, enhancing comfort during wear. Hublot is renowned for its distinctive case shape, featuring H-shaped screws securing the case and bezel. Inclusive of the crown, the case boasts a diameter of 42mm, and the replica measures a thickness of 9.85mm, only slightly deviating from the genuine model’s 9.8mm— a negligible difference. The case exhibits meticulous polishing, employing a combination of brushing and polishing techniques that create a visually layered effect. The case back showcases engravings with a remarkably high level of replication, rendering it difficult to discern the replica from the authentic counterpart. Notably, on the metal section connecting the case and the band, clear engraving of the word “Titanium” is visible—a feature shared with the genuine piece.

As evident in the images provided, the crown on the replica mirrors the identical grooves and chamfer present in the genuine model. The crown holds significant importance, and following testing by JJ factory, it has been confirmed that the crown, tube, and other associated parts on this replica Hublot are interchangeable with those of the authentic watch.

Replica Panerai PAM 688 Luminor GMT Blue Watch with Clone P.9001 Movement

Replica Panerai Luminor GMT Blue

Replica Panerai Luminor GMT Blue

Different from dull materials and black color in the past, now Panerai is more willing to use advanced materials and various colors in watch design. Forged carbon and bronze are widely used in case material of Panerai, the dial color also has more striking blue and green. For example, the PAM 688 is the first Panerai watch I saw with a blue dial, before, I only saw Panerai replica watches with black dial and black band or brown ASSO strap, now the entire watch is in blue color, which is very rare among Panerai collection. The replica here is a V2 edition of PAM 688 which VS factory published, it is 1:1 cloned with a genuine as reference.

Replica PAM 688 Blue Dial

Replica PAM 688 Blue Dial

The case is made of solid 316L stainless steel, it is completely polished on case, bezel and lugs, the brushed crown bridge with lever have the same operation way as genuine. Look at the case side, the outline of cushion-shaped case is very obvious, the edge of case is smoothly polished so that the watch could have a perfect wearing comfort. The case back is see-through crystal, which shows inner machine clearly, the rim of the case back is engraved with detailed material and water resistant information.

Replica PAM 688 Brushed Crown Bridge

Replica PAM 688 Brushed Crown Bridge

Blue dial is the finishing touch of the replica watch. The dial uses a genuine sandwiched structure, skeletonized hour markers are big and there are big arabic numbers “6” and “12”. Four hands, including the small seconds hand at 9 o’clock, have rose gold edge, which highly contrasting with the blue dial background and white stainless steel case. The GMT hand with a triangle tip in rose gold tone turns 12 hours as per genuine, not 24 hours.

Replica PAM 688 Blue Leather Strap

Replica PAM 688 Blue Leather Strap

Inside the case, the movement is a super clone P.9001. Coming from the same factory, P.9001 completely inherits all advantages of super clone P.9000 that was independently developed by VSF. Correct position of balance wheel, independently adjustable hour hand, date setting via hour hand, these could be completely achieved on this V2 PAM 688. The one-piece design greatly enhances the accuracy and stability of this super clone P.9001 movement.

Replica PAM 688 Crystal Back

Replica PAM 688 Crystal Back

Blue leather band features white hand stitching, the blue band exactly matches the blue dial, if you want the watch to be fitted with a black leather strap, we can ask the factory to do this favor for you. If you are looking for a Panerai watch as your first replica, please consider PAM 688, not only PAM 688 has a simple and elegant appearance like PAM 111 and PAM 127, but it is also very practical due to the GMT function.

Replica PAM 688 Wrist Shot

Replica PAM 688 Wrist Shot