The IWC Mark series stands out as one of the replica watches in the market, produced by prominent factories such as ZF, MK, and V6. Among these, MK is recognized for creating the finest IWC Mark replicas. However, as watch-making technology rapidly advances, these factories exchange techniques, resulting in increasingly subtle differences between the replicas produced by each. Take the replica IWC Mark XVII Le Petit Prince special edition – while MK previously released a high-quality version, the current one is crafted by V6, a factory renowned for producing excellent PAMs.

The Mark XVII Le Petit Prince, akin to a blue wizard in a dark forest, offers a simplified yet elegant design. Given the high expense of the genuine watch, opting for a 100% identical high-quality replica from V6 seems like a sensible choice. I assure you that even boutique salespersons would find it challenging to distinguish it from the authentic piece.

It’s worth noting that the MK version commands a higher price due to its genuine ETA 2892 movement. In contrast, the V6 version, featuring an Asian clone ETA 2892 movement, ensures accuracy and stability. For those seeking an even more authentic experience, V6 offers an option with a genuine ETA 2892 movement for an additional cost of 108 USD.

The overall appearance of the replica exudes harmony and simplicity, qualities that I personally appreciate in a watch. The combination of a black leather band, steel case, and a blue dial creates a fresh and comfortable aesthetic. The brushed stainless steel case, measuring 41mm in diameter, is well-suited for those who prefer larger watches. Crafted from a single piece of stainless steel, the case closely mirrors the genuine IWC Mark XVII Le Petit Prince, as the factory conducted research with an authentic piece.

The 1:1 case construction ensures perfection in diameter, thickness, lug length, and arc design. The attention to detail extends to the case back, where the elegant Le Petit Prince patterns and lettering engravings are showcased. The screw-down design, along with a gasket, enhances water resistance, adding a practical element to the watch’s design.

The captivating blue dial of the watch is truly remarkable. It boasts an elegantly designed three-hand layout with luminous hour and minute hands, and a unique shooting star end on the second hand – a feature distinct to this model within the Mark series. The prominent big triangle at 12 o’clock serves as the iconic symbol of the IWC Mark series. White markers set against the blue background contribute to the high readability of the dial.

A fan-shaped date window positioned at 3 o’clock showcases a black date font against a white background, with the left white triangle indicating the current date. The simplicity of the dial, without intricate decorations, is a design element I appreciate. This straightforward design not only enhances readability but also makes it easier for the factory to replicate, ensuring that the replica closely resembles the genuine watch.About the band, it is brown, not black or grey. It is made of genuine calf leather, soft and durable. The buckle really shows the improvement of watch-making technology. It uses brushing and polishing, every corner is polished well and gives a very angular feeling. The “IWC” lettering is deeply engraved. In a word, from outside case to inner mechanism, the replica IWC is good a high end replica that will be perfectly suitable for men who need a timer in formal occasions. By the way, the steel bracelet is also available.

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