IP Factory Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Diver 15720 with 4308 Movement

The Royal Oak Diver replica watch, once highly sought after, has experienced a decline in popularity. Historically, JF was recognized for producing the best replicas of the Royal Oak Diver models 15703 and 15710, upgrading them to the latest V10 edition. With the closure of JF, super clones of these models were unavailable for an extended period until ZF took on the task of producing replicas. However, it appears that enthusiasts are now showing greater interest in other Royal Oak models from ZF, such as the 15400 and 15500.

Fortunately, APS factory has emerged as a formidable player in the field. Following the footsteps of JF, APS is currently the only factory with the capability to research and develop improved movements for AP replicas. The 3120 movement from APS stands out as the best clone 3120 movement utilized in their Royal Oak 15400. Moreover, APS factory released the V2 edition of the replica 15710 in July, marking a positive development in the market. This latest release from APS is likely the only super clone 15710 currently available.

Discussing the latest Royal Oak Diver watch, the 15720 model, neither ZF nor APS has taken on the task of replicating it. For those in search of a high-quality replica 15720, two options stand out: BF and IPF, with IPF being the preferred choice. The visuals shared in this post showcase the craftsmanship of IPF. Though the meaning behind the name “IP” remains unclear, the 15720 replica from IPF offers four commendable color options—black, grey, green, and blue.

IPF employs a modified Japanese Miyota 9015 movement, instilling confidence in the replica’s overall quality. The 15720 from IPF boasts a robust brushed stainless steel case with a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 14.2mm. The black ceramic bezel is meticulously crafted, featuring a vertical brush on the front and a polished edge. Replicating the angular design of the AP case is no easy feat, demanding precision for a 1:1 match with the original. Despite this challenge, IPF adeptly captures the essence of the AP case, resulting in a visually appealing and well-crafted timepiece.

The dial layout of the 15720 appears more condensed compared to the 15710, although personally, I prefer the dial style of the 15710. In the 15720’s dial, the hour markers are wider, allowing for a more generous application of luminous material. As a result, the dial exhibits a stronger luminescence in low-light conditions. The inner bezel features a yellow diving stripe with yellow numeral markers, enhancing the readability of the black dial.

Examining the movement through the crystal back, golden engravings adorn the plates, and a prominent AP logo graces the skeleton rotor. IP Factory invested considerable time and effort into modifying the movement, creating a commendable clone 4308. The movement is known for its stability, minimizing potential issues during regular wear. However, it’s important to note that there remains a substantial gap between this clone 4308 and a super clone. While I anticipate that APS and ZF may eventually produce replicas of the 15720, it is unlikely to happen in 2022, with a potential release possibly occurring in the latter half of 2023.


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