Best Fake Panerai PAM 661 Luminor Carbotech Watch with Super Clone P.9010

Perhaps this marks the final release of a Panerai timepiece from the VS factory before 2020. Throughout 2019, VS factory unveiled several new Panerai models, predominantly Submersibles. However, as the year draws to a close, I wish to present the Luminor Marina Panerai, designated as PAM 661. Like many other Submersibles crafted by VS in 2019, the PAM 661 utilizes the innovative Carbotech material and is powered by the renowned Super Clone P.9010 movement.

Distinct from the other replica watches, the PAM 661 may not appeal to those seeking a more conventional appearance due to its unique texturing on the case. Nevertheless, for enthusiasts eager to explore the evolution of modern Panerai designs, the PAM 661 proves essential.

Initially, VS factory opted for solid forged carbon material for the 44mm diameter and 18.5mm thick case. Notably, the genuine counterpart measures only 14.5mm in thickness. Consequently, the replica boasts a thickness exceeding the authentic piece by 4mm, resulting in a more noticeable presence on the wrist. To address this discrepancy, focus must shift towards slimming down the movement. The future of VS factory’s clone P series movements holds promise in this regard, as discrepancies in movement thickness remain a concern among customers who find their Panerai replica watches bulkier and weightier than authentic pieces.

Moreover, modern Panerai timepieces, such as the PAM 661 and many Submersibles released in the current year, embrace a departure from monochromatic dials. Notably, the PAM 661 features a striking blue small seconds hand against a black backdrop, a departure from conventional uniformity. However, personal preferences may vary, as some enthusiasts, like myself, may prefer consistency in coloration with the central hands. The dial’s hour markers, predominantly dot-shaped with Arabic numerals at 6, 9, and 12, illuminate brightly thanks to the application of Superluminova C3. Yet, the durability of this lume material may not match that of the original Panerai.

Accompanying the PAM 661 is a brown leather strap accentuated by white hand stitching, offering a luxurious and comfortable wearing experience. For those inclined towards alternative color schemes, additional straps can be procured from VS factory, with a complementary screwdriver provided for convenient band replacement.

As the Chinese New Year holiday approaches, it’s prudent to place orders promptly, ensuring timely delivery before the factories close for the festivities.

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