Best Replica OMEGA Speedmaster NASA Moonwatch 40mm Watch Review

No OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch 1:1 replica watch is truly complete without an authentic NASA strap. Adhering to the original specifications, a devoted Speedmaster enthusiast from Germany set out to replicate NASA’s iconic strap with a VELCRO Brand fastener. The combination of supporting a worthy cause and ensuring top-notch quality helps soften the steep price tag.

I must confess, I’m not usually one for NASA or NATO straps, as I often find them uncomfortable. Many feel too abrasive or rigid. However, this NASA strap boasts a remarkably soft interior. The insignia is crisply printed, with the full black version offering the most striking contrast. The stitching is expertly executed, and the matte buckle closely resembles the original. I decided to adorn my replica OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch 40mm “Tintin” with the full black version for this article, and it truly adds a stylish twist. While not the most budget-friendly option at €78, these straps are exceptionally well-made, and you’ll also be supporting a noble cause.

Each package includes an “I Love My Speedy” sticker—a black round sticker featuring a tachymeter scale with a dot over ninety and horizontally printed text in the center, measuring precisely 40mm in diameter. There’s one proudly displayed on my MacBook alongside Teun’s NASA Tests sticker.

The straps featured here today are crafted in Munich, Germany, as part of a social initiative benefiting women facing difficult circumstances. Peter from Germany has been collaborating with them for some time and conceived the idea of creating a NASA strap as part of this endeavor. They aimed to produce the highest quality NASA strap possible, resulting in two versions: the original with an olive green hue featuring the iconic NASA logo and serial number, and the all-black version. Both straps are 30cm long and come with matte nickel-free buckles. Among the limited number of manufacturers producing NASA straps that adhere to the original specifications and feel, Peter from Germany stands out.

Peter is not only a dedicated Speedmaster enthusiast but also an avid reader of OMEGA Speedmaster replica watch articles. He proudly owns three Speedmaster models. Straps have been a frequent topic of discussion here, especially those tailored for the Speedmaster, and NATO straps consistently garner attention. It’s no surprise that most of the straps sold by Fleur are NASA ones.

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